Monday, March 9, 2015

Swan Reduction on Novi City Council Agenda for March 9

The following item is on the agenda for the March 9 Novi City Council Meeting:

Approval of a resolution in support of Lakes Area Homeowners Association’s request to participate in the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Mute Swan Nest and Egg Destruction program.

Click here to view agenda.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 Membership Fee Overdue

Dear Members: 

This will be your final reminder that membership fee is now overdue.

If you have renewed, please disregard this notice. 

Remember that to continue getting the Duncan disposal rate, you need to keep your LAHA membership current. 

Membership form is here if you have any changes or want to pass to a friend or neighbor to join.

Thank you, 

Beth Adams 

Swan Nest and Egg Removal

Dear Members:

The responses from our members were the majority to address removing the muted swans.  We have sent the attached letter to the City of Novi.  It is a request to add muted swan nests and eggs removal.  A requirement of the DEQ permit is that we need to have a resolution from the city.

Will let you know later in the week if it will be on the city's March 9 council agenda.

Thank you,

Beth Adams