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Join Today For Only $25!

Voting membership is open to anyone owning or residing in lake frontage property or property with deeded access to Walled or Shawood Lakes. Please join today and support your community with the $25 annual membership fee (and, wherever possible, your active participation). 

Many property owners around Walled Lake feel that with the creation of the Lake board and its ability to deal with the Invasive weeds most of the important issues are being dealt with. Current issues around the redevelopment of Lake Shore Park, Goose over population and lake access make it just as important today that your voice is heard. Reasons to be a member:
  • To preserve lake quality and the value of your property. 
  • To monitor zoning activity and to lobby to protect the integrity of the entire lakes area. 
  • Provide more powerful, coordinated representation at monthly City Council proceedings in both cities.
  • LAHA has been obtaining discounts from many of the local restaurants and other businesses for LAHA members to be able to take advantage of. Membership cards will be issued when you join to participate in the discounts.
  • LAHA funded goose reduction program
  • Update on Lake board meetings
  • Create opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other better, making the entire area safer, friendlier, and more enjoyable.

Your membership is important! Please encourage your neighbors to join.
Its members like you that make us a good association. We need volunteers for: 
  • members to give us their ideas for lake improvement 
  • social events ideas and work with our current coordinator

Fill out the Membership Form and mail along with your check. 

Mail your check payable to Lake Area Homeowners Association to P.O. Box 12, Walled Lake, MI 48390.

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