Thursday, April 3, 2008

Introducing Your New LAHA Officers

April's association meeting will be the first for your new LAHA officers. We are all looking forward to serving the association and aggressively building on the strong foundation that Asa Smith and Paul Olsen have built over the years.

Making the association even more valuable and enjoyable for its members is not going to be possible without your support and participation. We have ambitious plans to not only continue the lake advocacy that has been a long-standing tradition for the association but to also help stimulate an even more enjoyable lifestyle around the lake for all of its residents. We will strive to keep you posted on the latest lake activities, host a handful of association gatherings to help you get to know your lake neighbors a little better, and keep pressing on area quality of life issues that are important to us all.

We can't stress enough how important having an active membership is to our area's success. It helps preserve our home and property values, and the lake lifestyle that we value. Beginning with our April meeting, we will be making a significant push to grow the association's membership to more broadly and actively reflect the residents that we are representing. Part of that push has been to add value to the membership itself. When you join with your $25 annual membership fee, you will not only support the association this year, you will also receive some special added benefits that we've detailed in the membership section of this website.

Please pass the word along to all of your neighbors to attend our meeting later this month. We will present to you some of our plans for the year, and use your feedback and suggestions to shape our association priorities.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact any one of us. We are all looking forward to starting off the year on a high note!

Greg Iszler, President
Jeff Laz, Vice President
Nancy Galloway and Judy Rae, Co-Treasurers

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Unknown said...


As everyone can see the Seaweed on Walled Lake is very bad and if we don’t do anything it will only get worse.

So on East Lake Drive on the Novi side Phil Matthes & I Dave Bridson were out getting signatures last night and it’s a great way to meet your neighbors.

We had a good response from our neighbors that are sick and tired of the over grown seaweed and they want to treat and control the Seaweed problem.

I would say we were about 90 percent successful.

Phil and I will be going out again tonight.

Let’s use this to help each other see how the petition signature drive is coming along around the Lake…

Thanks Dave