Monday, August 18, 2008

Lake Board Letter to Novi Mayor David Landry

Monday, August 18, 2008
To: Landry, David
Subject: Walled Lake Petition Drive

Thank you for hearing the request of the Lakes Area Homeowners Association at last week's City Council meeting. We greatly appreciate the Council's consideration and support regarding the health and vitality, in this particular case, of Walled Lake.

Based on my conversation with Clay Pearson, we will proceed with the petition for resolution, as submitted, and begin collecting signatures of Novi lakefront homeowners on Walled Lake to achieve the 51% approval that the Council required to approve a Lake Board. In parallel, we will be gathering signatures in Walled Lake to meet that City Council's requirements for Lake Board resolution. If you have any questions or require any further details as we embark on this process, please contact me directly at 313-303-8669 or via this email address.

Importantly, I also wanted to re-emphasize our association's commitment to both Walled Lake and Shawood Lake. The consultants that our volunteers contacted strongly recommended that the lake issues for Walled Lake and Shawood Lake be handled independently for three primary reasons: the dual-city involvement for Walled Lake, the different life stage for each lake, and the unique bio-environments (and treatment approach) for each lake. As I mentioned in the City Council meeting (and as we have reinforced in both our association meetings and on our website), we are eager to assist Shawood Lake in exploring similar remedies, if needed. The timing difference has simply been the result of active volunteerism. LAHA enjoys a particularly active volunteer group of 8-12 Walled Lake residents who have invested considerable time and resources pushing this initiative forward. We continue to encourage such participation from Shawood Lake residents but unfortunately have received little membership interest or volunteer participation from that area of late. We hope that the interest expressed during the City Council meeting suggests more active involvement ahead. All LAHA officers are eager to provide them the same guidance and support as we have with Walled Lake's group of volunteers.

With the City of Novi, we look forward to doing whatever we can to protect the appeal and value of these very special lake environments.

Greg Iszler
LAHA President

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