Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Minutes - January 2010

Lakes Area Homeowners Association
January 14, 2010, 7:00pm
Hickory Woods Elementary

Officers in attendence: Greg Iszler, President; Nancy Galloway, Co-Treasurer; Judy Rae, Co-Treasurer; Beth Adams, Secretary. Absent: Jeff Laz, Vice President

1. Called to order. Over 20 members present.
2. Treasurer's Report: Checkbook Balance: $2,176.79. Members now at 57. 22 are new. There are still 50 of 2009 members still to pay--17 are Duncan customers.
Expenditures since last meeting total $518.25, as follows:
Social Event/Meeting, Lakeview Bar and Grill, 7/20/09 $200.00
State of MI, Non-Profit Filing 20.00
Stamps, 300 @ .44 132.00
Envelopes for mailing 12.27
Post Office Box Rental 60.00
Meeting Room Deposit 5.00
Stamps, 100 @ .44 44.00
Website fees, reimbursed Greg Iszler 44.98

3. May 19, 2009 meeting minutes posted on LAHA website.
4. Greg Iszler formally resigned as President. Mark Adams nominated, Nancy Galloway seconded, Micki Larimer as president. Concensus of members voted her in for a two-year term.
5. There were no nominations/volunteers for VP, so we will postpone to the next regular meeting.
6. Street Captains: Jan Barlow volunteered for Shoreline Condos and Winward Bay Condos. Debbie Braunstein volunteered for a section of East Lake near her. Ralf Siemens volunteered for Rexton and N. Haven.
7. Goose Nest Destruction: The DNR is recommending that this be done. Carol Ames volunteered to research this topic and keep us informed. Permit needs to be obtained by April 1.
8. Landings Property: Phil Matthes volunteered to keep us updated on this topic.
9. Walled Lake Improvement Board (Lake Board): Dave Galloway Riparian Owner and Chairperson: Items of note: Curently waiting on assessors. Valuation of city owned and residential owned property is being determined. A tentative Lake Board meeting is scheduled for March with regard to the assessment rolls. The engineering firm hired has recommended a combination of treatments to the lake: aprx. 120 acres to harvest and aprx. 30 acres to treat with chemical. The Lake Board is facing a time constraint of permit process for chemical treatment. Harvesting does not require a permit. Management of treatment and treatment contractors will be asked to bid. A great deal of questions and discussion followed. Members agreed to hold a "special meeting" on this topic alone. Dave Galloway has offered his time to present to us information he has on the treatment options and then answer questions. Members will be notified.
10. No other items.
11. Adjourned at 8:20 pm.

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