Sunday, January 31, 2010

Minutes - Special Meeting

Lakes Area Homeowners Association
Minutes - January 26, 2010
Hickory Woods Elementary

Officers in attendance: Jeff Laz, Vice President, Nancy Galloway, Co-Treasurer, Judy Ray, Co-Treasurer, and Beth Adams, Secretary

1. Meeting called to order.
2. Micki Larimer resigned as president due to medical reasons.
3. New Item: Goose Nest Destruction: We must have a permit from the DNR. In order to get a permit, we must have a resolution from the City of Novi first. Since over 81% of Walled Lake is in Novi, the DNR only requires a resolution from Novi. Motion to request resolution from Novi by Alan DeZell and members agreed.
4. Dave Galloway, Riparian member and Chairperson of the Walled Lake Improvement Board, gave a very good and thorough presentation regarding the weed control program. In general, different professionals have varying opinions about aquatic weed control. Different lakes respond differently to the various treatments. The members voted to support the recommendation of the engineering firm for this year. A combination of weed harvesting and chemical treatment has been recommended. Next year the members would like to have weevils (native aquatic beetle) considered as another method of treatment.
5. Adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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